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Online Training and Nutrition Programs from SUF

Ease of Operation

All the training charts, workout plans, meal plans and presentations are easy to follow and understand.

Workout Chart

Customized monthly chart listing workouts, macros, and training styles


complete each days custom workout with instructional videos and set breakdowns

  • Payment Plans– Sci-Unison Fitness offers flexible monthly payment plans to spread out the cost of your program.

  • Ease of operation– All the training charts, workout plans, meal plans and presentations are easy to follow and understand.

  • Connectivity- Through the use of technology we will stay in constant communication creating an interactive experience. Social media, email, digital photography, and even web chats are used to monitor progress and keep your program running smoothly.

  • Structure– Your program will provide the structure needed to reach your health and fitness goals. It will balance out achievable goals with your unique schedule and situation taken into consideration.

  • Learning Experience – I am a certified secondary education social studies teacher. I decided not to follow that career path, but the schooling and training taught me a great deal. A teacher is responsible for taking otherwise complex issues and putting them into simpler terms that can be related to a student’s everyday life. This is what I will be doing for you.

  • Realistic Goal Setting– The truth is that most of us will never be on the cover of a fitness magazine. It just isn’t in everyone’s genetic makeup. However, this does not mean that we all cannot dream and strive for our own perfection. The goals we set are achievable as well as realistic. The more progress you make, the higher the bar gets raised. The objective is to maximize and push the limits of your own personal genetic potential. In the end you may end up being magazine material.

  • Support and Motivation– I am right there by your side. I will act as your teacher, trainer, guide, coach and source of motivation.

  • Evolution– Here at Sci-Unison Fitness, the programs are always growing and evolving. If a new study or test is published and holds a strong sense of legitimacy then its information and/or practices will be implemented into all available programs.

  • Cost – Compared to other competitors in the field, my programs are far superior for a considerably lower cost. This is not to do harm or downplay the credibility or knowledge of my competitors, I just strongly feel that my system of operation is far more advanced.

  • ResultsBottom line…. SUF delivers results.

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