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Given the nature of my business and my profession people are always eager to explain their training and cardio routines to me. All too often I get those who elaborate on the endless hours they put in at the gym weight training and doing cardio. They then go on to explain how they religiously go to the gym 6 – 7 days per week. I usually say nothing or make no expressions as people say all this because I dont want them to change what they were going to say based off my reactions. Once all is said and done, the person usually looks to me for approval in regards to their routine and attack plan.

The fact of the matter is I DON’T approve of their approach. Spending hours upon hours in the gym almost every day will lead to and over trained state (for a natural athlete). Once your body enters this state your results will be hindered severely and may even be negated. Which brings me to my point. DON’T OVER-TRAIN just so you can UNDER-DIET. I dont spend countless hours in the gym 6 – 7 days a week and I can always get down to low single digit body fat levels. How ? Because I focus on my diet and make sure my nutrition plan is sound. My training is always very intense and hard, but I never over train just so I can be lax on my diet.

Once again…. DON’T OVER-TRAIN just so you can UNDER-DIET

Treat the body like a race car. You want to push the redline, but over-rev the engine and it will blow.

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