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A recent study by University of California, San Diego (USSD), pediatrics researchers showed that fast food lunches accounted for 36-51% of a child’s daily caloric needs. Furthermore, it was found that fat constituted 35-39% of the calories.

The problem starts with the parents. They are either “too busy”, lazy or uneducated in the realm of healthy eating. Kerri N. Boutelle, PhD, behavioral director of the Weight and Wellness Clinic at UCSD and Randy Children’s Hospital, San Diego states “We found that families perceived fast-food restaurants as easy and cheap, and many were using fast food as a reward for their children.” There is a major different between using fast food as a reward and it making up more than half of a children caloric intake. That’s just insanity. And then we sit around and wonder why childhood obesity is on the rise and why the new generation is just plain lazy. She also says that “on a typical day, a remarkable 30% of youth report consuming fast food.”

Sorry there are just no excuse for this growing trend. So you save a couple of bucks and some time ? But at what cost ? Is a few extra bucks in your pocket worth the health and the physical well being of your children ? Think about it next time you journey to the fast-food restaurant with your family and it is your third time that week.

Fast food is alright once in a while as a treat or reward. However this crap food will never replace a good home cooked meal. Soda will never replace water, milk or orange juice. You and your children only have one body, so you better take care of it.

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