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This is not the usual transformation post. A Before and After from the start of a diet/prep to the end. No, instead this is a demonstration of what can be achieved and accomplished with a smart and productive offseason. Shows are won in the offseason. I have always said that. But things are more difficult in the offseason because you wont always see the constant changes compared to a prep. When you are dropping body fat, and seeing new lines week to week it is much easier to stay motivated. But during the offseason things aren’t always so easy to see. Productive off seasons require more grit and grind. It requires your to work hard and trust that each workout, eat set, each rep will yield a better physique for the next prep.
Call the Play. Run the Play. Period.

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2021 CCN2 Reloaded

2021 SUF CCN-2 RELOADED. Natural Bodybuilding results for Team SUF

Date: 5/15 – 6/26

Federation: CCN

Promoter: Ryan Sullivan and Shauna Koehler

Location: Cyber Space

Team SUF brings home some key wins and top placings at CyberClash of Naturals. 

Christine Cullen – 1st place Open Bikini A – Overall Murphy Cup Winner

Crystal Silva – 1st place Open FemFit Physique

Johnny Dotson – 1st Place Open Men’s Physique

Kellie Hall – 2nd place Open Bikini B

Keith Roux – 2nd place Open Men’s Physique 

Crystal Silva – 3rd place Open Bikini A

Matthew Honeywell – 3rd place Open Men’s Physique

Elizabeth Sloan – 4th place Open Bikini B

Christine Cullen – 1st place Novice Bikini

Kellie Hall – 2nd place Novice Bikini

Head Coach – Ryan Sullivan

Figure Posing Coach – Ryan Sullivan

Bikini Posing Coach – Shauna Koehler

Competition Suit Designer – Shauna Koehler