2020 INBF Granite State Open (GSO)

2020 INBF Granite State Open Natural Bodybuilding results for Team SUF Natural Bodybuilding.

Date: 10/24/2020

Federation: INBF

Promoter: Laura J Tourtellot

Location: Dover, NH

Team SUF returns to the Granite State Open with a small but successful team that was able to win 2 classes, an overall, and a WNBF Bikini Pro card. 

Amanda Donahue– 1st place Pro Bikini Short – Pro Card Winner – Overall Winner

Brooke Park – 1st place Novice Fitbody 

Brooke Park – 4th Place Master Figure

Head Coach – Ryan Sullivan

Figure Posing Coach – Ryan Sullivan

Bikini Posing Coach – Shauna Koehler

Competition Suit Designer – Shauna Koehler

Hair and Makeup – Sara L

Backstage Team SUF staff – Taylor G

Aimee Bakeman

Aimee Bakeman

WNBF Figure, Fitbody Pro

I don’t trust easily and I believe actions speak louder than words.  Ryan Sullivan and Sci-Unison Fitness have exceeded any expectations I had for what a coach can be.  As I became a WNBF pro in 2016 and began to follow the winners, one name kept popping up  -“SUF”.  I began to follow the athletes who were Professional Medal Winners and top Champions, they all said the same thing “my coach gave me more food, brought me in leaner and I wasn’t hungry and miserable the entire prep”.  I reached out to Ryan in December of 2018 when I decided I wanted to take being Professional to the next level.

I wanted to transform in ways to take home a Gold Medal and feel deserving of standing on the World stage.  We decided to work together, and this was one of the most important decisions I have made in my lifetime.  Ryan is the fiercest, most loyal, hardworking and responsible coach I have ever experienced.   He guided me through a 28 week prep; through 4 shows over 4 months with a focus on health, progress and hard work. 

He is honest, dedicated and deeply committed to the health and success of his athletes.  Early in training I identified fatigue while training, something other coaches, doctors, friends, athletes had said was a normal part of being a female athlete. 

Ryan requested that I have some blood work done to ensure that my body was physically healthy enough to do what we were asking of it.  What resulted was finding a huge imbalance which had caused 30 years of physical and emotional pain and unnecessary medication. Once this was addressed my life changed in ways I couldn’t imagine.  I feel rested for the first time in years, I am strong in the gym and in my relationships.  My mood is balanced.  I was hardly hungry in the 28 total weeks of prep over 2019.  That in itself was an amazing gift. 

But Ryan also supported me to have my most successful competition season to date:  Two 1st Place Figure Tall ;  Overall Open Figure PRO CARD; 1st Place Women’s Master’s Bodybuilding; 2nd Place Women’s Open Bodybuilding;  First Place PRO Fit Body; 3rd Place PRO Master’s Figure; 6th in PRO Fit Body at WNBF Worlds 2019.  My physical transformation was a physique I didn’t think was possible at 138 lbs 18% body fat to 117 lbs and sub 9% body fat at last stage appearance.  If you want a coach who’s ACTIONS are worthy of TRUST that they have your longevity as a competitor and human being as a top priority along with success,  reach out to Ryan. It will change your life. 

Allison Ketcham

Allison Ketcham

WNBF Bikini, Masters Bikini Pro

I started with Ryan in June of 2017 after seeing him back stage with his team. He was sweaty and dirty and totally invested in them and their performance. I had never observed this hands on approach in almost 3 years of competing in WNBF and NPC.

I set up a consultation call with Ryan and he was extremely knowledgeable and patient with my questions, we spent about an hour getting to know each other, and the rest is really history.

We established so many goals and achieved so many of them, specifically winning my masters and open bikini pro card and my first pro show in one season. My physique has changed completely and I was able to build muscle like I had not in the past. I am proud of what he has helped me achieve and we continue to work hard.

He is smart, knowledgeable, tough, to the point, caring, supportive and an amazing coach and friend. I couldn’t imagine being with another coach for competing or even just as a lifestyle client.

Allison Parry

Allison Parry

WNBF Bikini PRo

Ryan of Sci-Unison Fitness provides unparalleled coaching services to his clients. 

As a multi-sport performance athlete and pro bikini competitor I appreciate Ryans attention to detail in all facets of program development as he utilizes carefully constructed techniques to target key areas of growth and development.

Ryan provides supportive motivation and athlete accountability that compels you to excel. He has developed a carefully crafted winning formula of success, his strategic mentality and experience based opinion is insightful and empowering.

Prior to competitions Ryan assists his athletes with preparing by helping select the perfect suit and by providing both online and in-person posing sessions which are carefully documented for the athletes review.

Peak Week and Show Day with Ryan are absolutely seamless. His plans for the week are well conveyed and every detail is clear, providing daily feedback and making adjustments as necessary. 

On Show Day, Ryan and the entire Sci-Unison Team together provide unprecedented full-service support for all their athletes. From perfecting last minute posing, assistance with tanning products, hair and makeup application and overall client management, every single detail is absolutely perfected for the stage.

Ryan is able to provide thorough analysis of current stage conditions and live updates with the technology resources he has developed to utilize at competitions.

Beyond all of what Ryan provides he has successfully fostered a unified team of athletes compelled by competitive excellence that support one another with mutual motivation toward common goals.

Emily Bedell

Emily Bedell

WNBF Fitbody Pro

In 2017 I joined Team SUF after a thoughtful conversation with Ryan Sullivan. We spent time looking at past show pictures of mine, discussing how I prepped for previous shows, and my experience. Our conversation was blunt. He told me his approach to prep and his expectations. He had already been recommended to me; however, his honesty was what sold me. After a short off season we started prep in spring 2018 with plans for several shows that year. As I progressed he recommended a posing session and gave me the option for virtual or in person session. Another SUF teammate said that her posing session was well worth the drive (5 hours for me) and she was right. We spent four to five hours covering figure, fit body, and body building posing for two different federations. His studio was set up with lighting from all directions and video monitoring from multiple angles so I could see what every pose looked like. We worked hard and I was shaking like a leaf and exhausted afterwards. I left with clear expectations on what I needed to work on and practice did not end there. We continued to work virtually. My posing videos were critiqued by him weekly. My feedback was verbal and visual that indicated lines and definition that needed to be fixed. At my first show of the season we arrived when the doors opened. Between tanning, make up, and hair we continued to practice. Even my pre-stage pumping up was guided by my posing and areas that needed more volume in specific poses. While on stage my coach continued to give me feedback. His passion for this team/his athletes and the constant strive for perfection is what separates him from other coaches. I look forward to continuing to work with him as we both know there is always room for improvement and to never settle.

Heather Drake

Heather Drake

3x WNBF Figure World Champion

In June 2013, I made my second WNBF Pro Figure appearance at the Nancy Andrews WNBF Pro Northeast show.  I took first place, but little did I know that I was nearly destroyed my health and metabolic functioning.  It was a scary moment and I am still trying to reverse some of the damage that has been done, such as my hormones responsible for reproduction.

It was at that same show that I met Ryan Sullivan.  Clearly by his Sci-Unison Fitness t-shirt I knew that he was a coach of some sort.  Backstage I could see that he was guiding a team as they prepared to take the stage.  His heart and passion showed. It was during transitioning of classes that Ryan and I finally spoke.  Actually met him in passing while I was running in the hall way backstage to grab a rice cake before taking the stage.  Well needless to say, I gained his liking!  We chatted briefly backstage towards the end of the show and we kept in close touch nearly every week thereafter.

Leading into my prep for the November 2013 WNBF Pro World’s, Ryan tailored my macro nutrients and tracked my weekly weigh-ins.  At times he had to chase me down!  But his style is consistent!  He was very encouraging and he made adjustments as he deemed necessary for 12 weeks.  It made my prep a much better experience and our personalities were suited well.  More food, more energy, more sustained muscularity!  That combined with my training methods taught by my coach back home allowed me to bring my best package yet to this show.  Ryan traveled all the way from New York to Massachusetts to be with me backstage by my side, guiding me for the entire show.

His approach was different for me, but his methods are smart!  And I believe him! I knew that in order to trust him I had to be willing to take that leap of faith. My life has changed tremendously since joining Team SUF ! Our work together has yielded 3 WNBF Figure World Championships and 2 Overall Figure World Titles.  

Jennifer Roux

Jennifer Roux

WNBF Bikini Pro

Joining Team SUF was one of the best decisions I’ve ever made in my competing career.  The training and nutrition protocol itself was transformative – my physique AND health both in season and during my improvement season were by far my best.  But what’s unique and most contributed to a highly successful season of 3/3 top 5 amateaur placings, a pro card, and a top 5 placing in my first pro show, is how hard Ryan, Shauna, and the show staff work for you.  They are meticulous with every last detail, provide fast and effective feedback on everything from posing to hair to makeup, push you to improve through the season, and pour endless effort into you as an athlete so you can perform at your best. They are the absolute best at what they do and my results are one of so many that prove it!

Jennifer Holland

Jennifer Holland

WNBF Masters Bikini Pro

I began a working with Ryan as my coach in August 2018. I had just started competing and really wanted to have a program that set me up with long term success in my fitness journey. I had observed him and his team in the past at shows and really noticed how organized they were behind the scenes. I started watching some of his videos that gave solid nutrition and training advice. I also noticed the high level of results his athletes displayed. I was intimated at first with the high level of success but the more I thought about my goals, I realized that in order to be my best I should surround myself with the best. I began to ask more questions to others working with him and decided to initiate an interview.

From the first time we talked, I appreciated his clear, direct, no bs approach. He had a vision and honest feedback on not only my competing but overall health plan. He was prepared when we spoke. I had a list of questions to ask but at the end of the call, all my questions were already answered. There was no question what I should do at this point – so I joined the team .

It was a struggle for me to completely trust the process. Its a slower, well planned out, strategic game plan that is individualized to the client. There are no quick fixes, fast track templates, facebook groups, team workouts, or self help memes. Its all about doing the work, following the plan, being honest with yourself, pushing your limits individually, and keeping your head straight. I feel this approach helped me not only evolve physically, but mentally as well.

I’ve noticed overall significant changes in my muscle gains-which has taken over a year to notice with Ryan- but something I have been lacking my entire life. My overall shape and conditioning is greatly improved. With having some hormonal challenges noticed thru blood work we ordered, we were able to make positive changes to by body. I will be 49 this year and feel I look the strongest and best ever, thanks to Ryan’s plan and his teams motivation.

Show days with this team have made such a difference in my competition experience – my readiness for the stage and overall confidence has evolved significantly. The weeks leading up to the show Ryan keeps a very close eye on you and even more importantly, I was well fed and hydrated. There is also a great opportunity to stay involved in shows you do not compete- helping as staff. This also gives you a behind the scenes look at what it takes to run a successful show, prepare competitors for the stage, and learn even more the details of how to be a top level athlete.

They say everything happens for a reason but I do wish that I had the confidence and knowledge prior to have started my competitive fitness journey with this team. I’m very grateful I have found the best fit & guidance for me . I am looking forward to helping and watching the rest of the team showcase all of their hard work with Ryan in 2020.

Jessica Hiatt

Jessica Hiatt

WNBF Bikini, Figure, fitbody Pro

My body has transformed  under Ryan’s guidance and I’m excited to see where we go from here. I feel at home on this team and appreciate everyone’s tireless work towards a common goal. Ryan is insanely intelligent. In this year and a half, I have learned so much. 

Ryan fights for what’s right. Stands behind his competitors to the end. Tells them things they may not want to hear in order to propel them to evolve, to become better. It’s real talk. He gives you 100% (more than that actually) and expects the same from you in return. There are no Facebook support groups. There’s no sunshine and butterflies.

He cares about your health and makes that a priority in and out of season. For me, he helped to diagnose a medical condition I didn’t even know I had LONG before the medical community would have even put it on their radar. It threatened my chances of competing again, this season, or ever. We overcame that, together.

He’s made me the best competitor I’ve ever been. I can’t wait to see where we go from here.  

Johnny Dotson

Johnny Dotson

Mens Physique World Champion

Although I came to Ryan as a WNBF Pro Men’s Physique and the DFAC Pro Men’s Athletic, I quickly realized how little I actually knew about training, dieting and competing. I expressed to Ryan what my goals were and asked if he could get me there. He assured me he could. Roughly 5-6 months later, I won my second DFAC Pro Men’s Athletic World Title.

While a second world title might be impressive, Ryan pushed me to set my goals higher and aim for the WNBF Pro Men’s Physique title. My second year under Ryan was nothing but amazing. I won my first Pro WNBF Show, top 4 in my second show and top 4 for my class on the WNBF World Stage. Ryan not only improved my physique from previous years, he also improved my posing and helped boost my self-confidence while on stage. Ryan also taught me about reverse dieting and helped guide me to having a better relationship during off-season.

Even though Ryan is a top-notch trainer, the first lady of Team SUF, the staff and other competitors have all embraced me as a member of the team. I appreciate the hard work, precision and dedication that the entire staff put in at each show. In addition, I value the 1-on-1 attention I receive as I prepare to hit the stage. But most of all, I appreciate how selfless all my teammates are and how we’re all committed to see each other win.

While I’m not sure how much longer I will be competing, I feel like I have a friend and a home in Ryan and Team SUF. And I have no plans on leaving.